Policy Statement

ResQ Youth International will promote accountable and transparent Board governance guided by the following principles:  Decision-making will be open and transparent.  ResQ Youth International operations will be conducted in an ethical and accountable manner. Financial resources and physical resources will be managed in an efficient and effective manner.  ResQ Youth International information will be accessible so that it is consistent with policy requirements.  Inquiries, concerns and complaints will be responded to in a timely manner.  Financial oversight, service standards and performance reporting and all other accountability documents will be made available and accessible to the public to enable the increased the opportunity for public scrutiny and involvement in ResQ Youth International operations. 




Accountability – The principle that ResQ Youth International is obligated to demonstrate and take responsibility for its actions, decisions and policies and that it is answerable to the funders, supporters, partners and the public at large. Transparency – The principle that ResQ Youth International will conduct its business in an accessible, clear and visible manner and that its activities are open to examination by its funders, partners and stakeholders.



This policy provides guidance on how the Board ensures ResQ Youth International matters are approached in an accountable and transparent manner, with emphasis on openness, ethics, performance outcomes and fiscal responsibility. 


Policy Requirements 

ResQ Youth International commitment to accountability and transparency ensures sound governance and sustainability by way of various policies, procedures and practices that have been divided into the following categories:        Good stewardship        Fiscal responsibility       Audited financial statement.


Financial Accountability, Oversight and reporting 

ResQ Youth International is accountable and transparent to funders by identifying the source of ResQ Youth International funds and how those funds are used to deliver services. Policies, procedures and practices are in place to demonstrate ResQ Youth International best-practice financial accountability and oversight and reporting mechanisms, including:        External Auditor and report 


Performance Measurement and Reporting 

ResQ Youth International is accountable to funders and support by using various resultsorientated tools to measure progress on performance and the achievement of corporate service standards and goals.


 ResQ Youth International Financial Commitment 

 A Commitment to Maintain Trust and Provide Transparency  ResQ Youth International expenses of total expenditures for outreach and program services directed at reaching and meeting the needs of the less fortunate within our community.  ResQ Youth International voluntarily submits to an annual audit by an independent public accounting firm. Financial statements are presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  ResQ Youth International voluntarily submits to a legal audit to ensure that the Foundation is complying with applicable federal and provincial laws and regulations.  ResQ Youth International issues an annual attestation letter provided by an independent public accounting firm that attests to our program service expenditures.  ResQ Youth International requires all board members and employees to abide by a conflict of interest policy that encourages high standards of ethics and integrity.  ResQ Youth International strives to ensure that all fundraising efforts clearly portray the purpose of the funds to be raised and that all contributions received are used for those specific purposes.  ResQ Youth International protects the privacy of our donors by not marketing our mailing list. ResQ Youth International commits to making our audited financial statements available to the public when asked.