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We are a charitable organization dedicated to providing support and tools to marginalized youths and their families by fostering change/growth in all critical dimensions of individual development.

The Brampton A's Community at Heart Outreach would like to put the spotlight on Not- for- Profit Organizations and Sponsors in tour community. Through the generosity of volunteer time, commitment and financial support of families in our community, they are touching and healing heats that have been broken through circumstances beyond their own control.


RESQ Youth International…

Is a non-profit organization existing to help our young people to overcome the obstacles of life.

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What We Do

We provide education, counselling and other support services for youths-including job searches, information programs, career planning and employment and life skills training. We believe that life's journey is one of continuous learning. At ResQ, we recognize that we are all students. We place high value on academic, social and spiritual growth, which is an integral part of our community.

Core Programs:


-          Individual, group and family

-          Emphasis on parent-youth relationships

-          Customized: apology, anger management, drug use, sexual assault,


-          Dispute resolution services for youth


-          Empowering youth to attain their goals

Restorative Justice

Life-skills and Character Building

-     Career counselling and job preparation

-     Money management


About Us


Our History

ResQ started on March 2001 as a non-profit community organization providing support for at-risk youth. Formed from a group of law enforcers, crown attorneys, lawyers, educators and community representatives dedicated to supporting youth in crisis.

Our mandate is to ensure that all youth receive the best quality education by staying in school. Our objective is to identify and address issues in the community as they affect our youth. We concentrate efforts on illustrating when, how or why certain behaviours are unacceptable and provide our youth with the tools to change. We mediate, educate, counsel and provide mentoring to all young persons in the community.


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Continuous improvement and curriculum innovation are at the heart of how we operate.

Volunteer opportunities


It is important to give back and make a difference.

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We various ways to contribute if you are motivated by our vision and correcting a systemic problem.