Abigail Hamilton – Executive Director/Co-Founder

  • Shortwood Teachers’ College, Jamaica (Education) 

  • York University (Sociology) 

  •  Provincial Prosecutor (Peel Region) 

 Currently serves on:  

  • Toronto Police Services Board - Mental Health Sub-committee 

  • Peel Police Black Advisory Committee 

  • Member of a Faith Group 

  •  Served on numerous boards/committees for over 35 years 

  • Sheridan College – Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) 

  • New Horizon Youth Outreach - Founder /President (Defunct) 

  • Jamaica Canadian Association Board - Executive Committee 

  • Recipient of numerous awards including the Marcus Garvey Award for Advocacy 

  • Peel Board of Education for her contribution to Education 


Dr. Daniel Cowans – Founding member / Psychotherapist 

His Biography and Accomplishments 

  • Dr. Daniel Cowans,  M.C.C., D.C.C., D.Div (Hon)., D.P.C (Hon), D-C.P.C., Ph.D., D.Min. (C).  

  • Dr. Cowans is the senior pastor at the Bibleway Church of God in Christ, in Toronto, Canada.   

  • He is also the Superintendent of the Toronto District of the Church of God in Christ.   

  •  He is the founder of the Bibleway Institute of Christian Counseling and Theological Studies in Toronto, a former professor at California State Christian University and Victory Bible College.   

  •  He is a certified Christian Counselor and Psychotherapist and holds the following degrees: 

  • M.C.C. - Canada Christian College 

  • D.C.C. - Canada Christian College  

  • D.Div. (Hon.) - Canadian Christian Clinical Counselors Association 

  • D.P.C. (Hon.) - Canadian Seminary (E.O.C.P.C.) 

  • D-C.P.C. - Evangelical Order of Pastoral Counselors of America (E.O.C.P.C.) 

  • Ph.D. - California State Christian University 

  • D.Min. (C) -  Mount Olive Bible Institute & Seminary 

  •   Dr. Daniel W. Cowans,  (Pastor and Psychotherapist) with a PHD in Psychology & Counselling, two Doctorates with expertise in  Christian Counselling to include Drug Abuse, Anger Management and Marriage Counselling. He facilitates Seminars and provides Medical Support and Equipment to Jamaica. 

  •  Dr Daniel Cowans has been a founding member of ResQ youth International since 2002. 

  • During this time he has served as a board member and soon after he began to facilitate a counselling Program as part of the Restorative Justice Program. This program is extremely successful and has been incorporated into the core programs of the organization.